Review: Gazz Collins – Departure

gazz collins - departureTrack review of Gazz Collins latest album Departure – by Zoe Ehinger (Nakoma-Z)

Timeless is a fantastic track to submerge you straight into the album, with the distinctive sound that Gazz creates plus with very new elements being added, this track shows an amazing transition of where Gazz’s music is now heading.

Cycle 24 a track that instantly shows the development of Gazz’s latest music, leading you into the track with curious dialogue about the Sun cycle, and the gentle rhythmic flow, then the hush of music leading you deeper into the track, it’s something I have always enjoyed about Gazz’s music, he knows how to get you INTO the tracks story.

Nightgames a track that takes you into the city streets with distant voices you can’t quite make out, as your mind travels deeper into the night. Gazz uses a whole new beat and sounds that I feel are very different to his past albums, this track has a deeper chilled feel to it. There is great confidence to this track, as indeed to the whole album.

Echo a track that I was very happy to sing on for Gazz. A new side of Gazz’s solo music with him singing on his tracks, I have always been impressed with the lyrics Gazz writes, especially from our projects together in our band Syntronik. This track is no exception, excellent lyrics, and music.

Departure a track that instantly takes me back to my own days living in London, and the underground, the beat takes me into thoughts of travelling in those dark underground tunnels, deep under London, the people coming and going. A track that for me holds some classic Gazz sounds with the electric guitar synth sound and distinctive beats, which first drew me to Gazz’s music quite a few years ago now, but also holding fresh new sounds as well, for me, Gazz’s music always captures a futuristic city sound.

Light, one of my favorite tracks on the album, a very chilled track and I always enjoy dialogue in tracks, Gazz always manages to find some very interesting ones for his tracks. I especially enjoy 4 minutes into the track where the track changes, and Gazz’s vocals come in, it really gives me goose bumps.

Halogenic a darker and more brooding track, with a great electric feel to it, a very different sound in regards to Gazz’s previous tracks, an excellent flow in this track from quite chilled and then really kicking up the sound toward the end of the track with the electric guitar and drums.

Liquefied, I absolutely love this track, has a fantastic start, darker piano and synth sounds, then this beautiful melody comes in. Gazz really does have an amazing talent for some very inspired melodies in his tracks. There is a melancholy feel to this track which again gives me goosebumps. This track for me shows the confident progression of his music and his talent for setting amazing moods within his music.

Hypertension does not disappoint and delivers the amazing skill Gazz has with using beats in his music, a lively track that is not a typical dance beat track at all, but captures something completely new, it has a cyber punk feel to it, which I love.

Pulse, that last track on an awesome album, and you will be left with wanting to hear the whole album over and over. Pulse captures the essence of the whole album with its lively beat, and synth sounds, giving you the city, the life of a city, the changes, the constant movement, the arriving and leaving. Just like the city, Gazz’s albums take you on a journey you didn’t know was there until you take the first step in listening to it, and you leave a little of yourself within the music to. Pulse leaves me in a place where I just want to hear more of this album, so thankfully we have repeat play!

The album Departure is a marker within Gazz Collins music career, without losing his distinctive sound; this is a strong confident album that embraces a whole new sound to Gazz’s music. It has always been an exciting journey being a fan of Gazz’s music; with every new album he produces you are always promised to be surprised where his music takes you next. An album every serious EM fan should own, Gazz is without doubt in my opinion a very unique artist within the EM genre.


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