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FBR Continues!

After the previous message a beautiful thing happened. Gazz wanted to continu and FBR also welcomes new member Bruce Gall!!

This means that I, Peter also hope to one day return with my Indie Rock Show.

So FBR is not dead, long live FBR!!

Future Beautiful Radio stops!

Hi there people,

as you will have noticed in this crazy year, show updates have been lacking since april. We will not bore you with all the details, but the truth is we are not sure if, let alone when, we will be able to continue. That is why we have decided to stop the website.

The shows will probably still be available on our respective mixcloud pages. And maybe sometime in the future a new podcast will surface. So best advice is to follow the mixcloud pages from us (Rock Company and Nakoma Z) and you’ll never know what happens…

For now thank you very much for the fun ride!

Zoe, Gazz, Peter

The Indie Rock Show 36

the indie rock show 36

The Indie Rock Show 35

the indie rock show 35

The Z Files 2020

The Indie Rock Show 34

the indie rock show 34

The Indie Rock Show 33

the indie rock show 33

The Indie Rock Show 32

the indie rock show 32

The Indie Rock Show 31

the indie rock show 31

The Indie Rock Show 30

the indie rock show 30

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