80’s Vibe show 1

Welcome to 80’s Vibe show here on Future Beautiful Radio with your host Nakoma-Z bringing you awesome music from the past, present ..and possibly ..the future! 80’s vibe brings you a show choc full of 1980’s atmosphere and nostalgia, spot the 80’s kids toy adverts too!

In today’s show, the artists and tracks are as follows :
FM84 – Wild Ones
The Midnight – Vampires
Glitter Wolf – Run With Us
ARGH -Dream A Dream
Syntronik – Tune Into Me
Tenek – Imitation Of Life
FM84 – Arcade Summer
Limahl – Never Ending Story
A Flock Of Seagulls – I Ran
A-Ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV
Simple Minds – Let There Be Love
FM84 – Goodbye (ft Clive Farrington)
Tahee Cain – Burning In Third Degree
TimeCop1983 – Come Back

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